24x32 oil 19??

This garden is the garden within. It is composed of symbolic realistic images. A woman, with only her face and one hand visible, is the caretaker. She touches a large butterfly which symbolizes new life and garden delights. A child's face in the painting symbolizes innocence, and a sense of wonder. There is a white bird near the child, which represents the Holy Spirit whispering the strength and ability to rise over one's difficulties. And yes, it is a hamster sitting and watching the viewer with apprehension and insecurity. It is the only element in this painting which looks outside of this little world. It is present to remind one of the undesired part of oneself, which we'd rather deny -- such as our little fears and insecurities. It also signifies the unexpected or unknown elements that enter our lives (our inner garden). The purple flowers convey a sense of mystery. This garden lives and grows within us with it's beauty, mystery, and fears, as well as the opportunity to blossom like the flowers.