22x28 oil 1994

While painting this portrayal of the Blessed Mother, I was at the same time praying for someone dear to me. I stopped painting for a while to rest my back but continued in intercession. Several minutes later, I looked up at the painting, surprised to see that she looked like she was crying, and had a streak of golden tears running down each of her cheeks. I had not painted them there, nor even though of painting her crying.

This happened because I had stopped while blending the paint on the cheeks and had not yet blended in that area, which was painted with a gold shade of paint. However; it is awesome to me that the tears are more effective than the way I would have painted them; and it has never occurred to me to paint tears of gold. Also awesome is that the person I was praying for is the only person that I know of who sees her smiling instead of weeping in this painting.

I believe that all of this was brought about by Mother Mary's intercession and the action of the Holy Spirit. Praise our amazing, precious Lord Who loves each one of us unconditionally and personally, and Who helps us in every area of our lives.